From Undecided to Undaunted

Accelerating Community College Outcomes by Tapping Student Interests

The time is now for community colleges to engage students through outreach while simultaneously increasing retention and graduation rates. Getting (and maintaining) students on the right path starts with the right tools—but they need to be reliable, valid, and scalable.

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  • Scalable solutions to motivate, guide, & engage students in an efficient, and effective way.
  • Why interests are predictive of higher engagement, persistence, success, and income attainment.
  • How the Community College of Denver has helped 90% of students make a decision about their career through the Chart Your Path program.
  • How ECMC has supported 46 campuses to drive an overall 66% retention rate with new students.
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"Many of these students have a hard time figuring out what they want to do, what courses to take, and how they connect their academic pathways with actual career pathways, therefore a lot of our students – most of our students really – take more units than they need and in many cases, drop out because they’re frustrated or discouraged."
Brian Donnelly,
Career Counselor,
Butte College

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