The SuperStrong® Assessment

What is the SuperStrong® Assessment?

The SuperStrong® assessment is derived from the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment, one of the most widely used career tools in the world. Developed over 90 years ago and still in use today, the Strong Interest Inventory assessment has helped academic and business organizations develop talent and has guided thousands of people in their search for a rich and fulfilling career. The SuperStrong assessment helps students discover how their interests translate into academic and professional success.

Why the SuperStrong Assessment?

Leaders in the field of life and career assessment tools, The Myers-Briggs Company set out to tackle some of the most pressing issues education faces today, including:

Low retention and engagement

Dismal completion rates

Low persistence

Inability to offer broader access to career tools

Failing to help undeclared students find the right major and stay on track

From this stemmed the creation of the SuperStrong assessment, based on the Strong tool and developed with the same reliability and validity standards. Available only through the VitaNavis® platform, the assessment is quick (less than 10 minutes to complete), engaging, available in Spanish, and easy to take through any mobile device.

The SuperStrong Assessment:
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Helps students identify their interests and extends their understanding of how interests can support academic and career success with up-to-date data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and Occupational Information Network (O*NET).

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Applies 90 years of research and insights from the Strong Interest Inventory assessment to an academic context to deliver insights available only on the VitaNavis platform.

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Uses themes from The Holland Codes (RIASEC) to help users identify majors, workstyles and careers that align with their personality types.

Why The Holland Codes?

The SuperStrong results are organized with The Holland Codes (RIASEC) to help users identify majors, workstyles and careers that align with their personality types. Dr. John Holland’s theory of personality types and work environments was added to the Strong Interest Inventory assessment in its 1974 revision. The Strong is the only empirically derived RIASEC assessment. Holland’s theory is based on four main assumptions:

Most people can be categorized into one or some combination of the six RIASEC Themes.

Work environments can be divided into the six RIASEC Themes and each is suited for a certain type of person.

People seek environments that complement their personality and avoid work that they do not like.

The match between a person’s personality and their work environment influences their job performance, satisfaction and stability.

What are the RIASEC Themes?

Users who take the SuperStrong assessment receive their results organized by the RIASEC Themes:

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RealisticThe Doers

Likely to be found fixing, building, or tinkering. Friends would describe them as independent, practical, modest, and sometimes stubborn

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InvestigativeThe Thinkers

Likely to be working, or researching for fun. Friends would describe them as inquisitive, and good at playing trivia

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ArtisticThe Creators

Likely to be creating, admiring, or collecting art. Friends would describe them as spontaneous, independent, fun, and sometimes dramatic

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SocialThe Helpers

Likely to be found volunteering or using social media. Friends would describe them as warm, outgoing, and cooperative

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EnterprisingThe Persuaders

Likely to be found organizing a party or competing in an event. Friends would describe them as intense, energetic, and decisive

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ConventionalThe Organizers

Likely to be playing games or buying collectibles. Friends would describe them as well-mannered, practical, and accurate

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