High School:
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Together, we can bring definition
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The Myers-Briggs Company has tapped decades of research and its proven history of transforming employee and employer engagement and applied it to the halls of high schools with the VitaNavis platform.


The VitaNavis platform, an educational self-exploration and decision making platform, advances academic advising and career counseling by introducing a student’s interests, strengths and values into the conversation. Combining insights from the SuperStrong® and the CPI 260® assessments, the VitaNavis platform provides access to unparalleled data and analytics, inspiring more meaningful and informed conversations with advisors and counselors and producing greater persistence and graduation rates.


Awareness Building
VitaNavis Analytics

Analytics allows you to monitor usage, look at results through aggregated data, and help you create your own custom views based on your school’s needs.

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Why Are Interests
So Interesting?

Learn why interests are more predictive than ability and personality when it comes to income, degree attainment, college persistence, and other success factors.

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Establishing a
Standard Vocabulary for Career Exploration

A 2018 Strada-Gallup survey found that a meager one-third of college students feel prepared for the job market and workplace.

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