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If you see value for your school, talk to us about how we can partner with you to work VitaNavis into your existing program. Our goal is to make what you are doing more effective—not to be a disruptor.

Pathways + The VitaNavis® Solution

How to put students on the path to success — and keep them there

We all know early career exploration leads to informed decisions and stronger pathways planning. As a campus solution, VitaNavis® integrates with campus processes that guide the career pathways conversation across a school. This leads to informed students and effective planning.

See For Yourself

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Step One

K12 Education

Early exploration tool for grades 6-12


Shows students how their skills and interests align with potential careers


Prepares students with actionable tips to help them work toward goals

Step Two

Higher Education

Preparation for career pathways

Admissions + Recruitment
  • Allows colleges to provide VitaNavis to high school and workforce partners for free
  • Enables marketing team to increase engagement and website inquiries
  • Serves as a tech swag giveaway at college fairs
Enrollment + Orientation
  • Maps to campus majors, academic clusters or meta-majors for pathways planning
  • Serves as a curriculum tool for first-yearexperience courses and dual enrollment
  • Offers a detailed administrator portal for analyzing career interest profiles of large sets of students
Academic Counseling
  • Serves as a conversation starter in counseling sessions
  • Motivates students to complete their education plan on time

Step Three

Career + Career Counseling

Preparation for the workforce

Students + Services
  • Integrates into career counseling programs and classes
  • Encourages students to visit career center
  • Serves as an intake tool to support job searches for workforce development

Step Four

The Destination

Student success!

Achieving Goals

Students graduate on time and enter a career that aligns with their goals, skills, and interests

Assess for success

Personalized Experiences

Customize the colors, branding, images, and relevant resources.


Translate interests and preferences into powerful advice.

Real-Time Delivery

Start the exploration process immediately after completing an assessment.

The VitaNavis Platform

Here are a few key features that our counselors and advisers have benefitted from by using the VitaNavis system.

  • Interactive Analysis

    User-friendly, 10-minute SuperStrong® assessment quickly gives students a detailed analysis of their unique skills and ideal careers via phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Validation

    All students get unlimited access to the SuperStrong® assessment – based on reliable, valid, and trusted science for over 90 years.

  • K12–College Implementation

    Students campus-wide have unlimited use of the cloud-based platform at any stage in their academic career.

  • Rich Exploration

    Student results linked directly to campus majors and programs to enable personalized conversations between students, admissions, enrollment, and counselors.

  • Robust Administrator Portal

    Easy-to-use dashboard enables administrators, counselors, and school leaders to analyze student interests, strengths, and workplace preferences.

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