Career Development Playbook

Engage in the Career Development of Your Children

Are you having career conversations?

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How often do you have conversations with your children about their future careers? Depending on their age, it would make sense that the closer they get to high school, these conversations start to take off.

Yet, there is mounting research that shows that the sooner you start these conversations with children, the more engaged they become with their future which translates into more engagement in school. A parent's active involvement in their child's education and career planning often makes the difference in their child's long term success. When you talk to children about what they like, they usually listen (disclaimer: we make no promises).

Figure out your child’s interests

Why interests? Interests have been shown to predict academic and career success over and above cognitive ability (Su, 2012). This means that even if someone doesn’t have the desired skill set for a certain task or job, their interest in it will lead them to persist and persevere to try to learn those skills.

As children get older, there are tools you can give them to get a clearer picture. But depending on their age and stage in their development, you can observe how they play and interact with others. There are many age-appropriate activities that can help you begin to see where their interests lie Leading the child to explore activities can help you to begin piecing together patterns of their interests as they get older and discover new ways to express them.

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Start your conversations NOW

To help you start these conversations with your K-12 child(ren), we are developing a Career Development Playbook aimed at walking you through the research, interests exploration (based on the RIASEC), and conversation starters and tips. The goal is to provide you, the parent/guardian, the tools to facilitate open, productive and relationship-building conversations that increase self-awareness for you and your child. The ultimate goal is to get your child to start to think about how they fit into the world and help them find their purpose from a young age. This will lead to you working with them to align their interests to future, tangible careers.

But for now, let us help you get the conversation started.

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  • Research on why starting early matters and what stages you should focus on with your children’s awareness of their interests that later map to the world of work
  • A roadmap for introducing different aspects of career development for all ages and stages of your child’s journey
  • Introduction to interests and how to figure out your childrens’ and your own
  • Conversation starters and activities