Open Access Virtual Advising for K12 Educators and Students.

Increase Engagement, Performance, & Exploration

The Myers-Briggs Company is providing open access to the VitaNavis® Student Success Platform—a rapid, mobile tool for student self-discovery and exploration.
Provide Critical & Timely Support

With lifetime access to the VitaNavis® platform for students and parents, K12 districts, schools, and educators can support students who are:

  • Exploring the world of work: Help students become more self-aware and begin to aspire to their future possible selves.
  • Preparing for the upcoming school year: Support them in understanding their learning styles, how they work with others, and more.
  • Getting ready to graduate: Allow them to explore specific career paths as they consider majors and courses, as well as post-secondary options.

Drive Engagement and Exploration

VitaNavis helps educators reach students at scale while providing insight into their preferred learning styles. Additionally, the tools help students figure out their place in the world of work—which leads to engagement in school.

Get Started Now: Open Access to the VitaNavis Student Success Platform.

Offer ends June 30th. We will email you instructions and a link to share with others.

Who Does the VitaNavis Platform Benefit? Everyone.

Awareness Building

Understand your unique strengths, interests, and values. Learn about you and share the fun with friends.

Awareness Building

Help your child stay on track, make school a part of their plan, and succeed in life. Share with your child.

Awareness Building

Engage your students now and motivate them to take action for tomorrow, whether staying in school or enrolling next year.

Awareness Building

Use this opportunity of time to revisit your purpose; upskill and transfer your skills to the new world of work.

Awareness Building

Help your business thrive in the 21st century by helping your workers understand the skills relevant for tomorrow.

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