VitaNavis Analytics

Assess, Visualize, Act

The VitaNavis® Analytics

Sometimes it takes a bird's-eye view to see the needs of your students

Whether you're in advising, admissions, or workforce development, analytics can help you validate your intuition or provide you the metrics you need to make the case for a fundamental change or investment at your organization.

Through the platform, you'll be provided several default views of your aggregated results, but if you spot a trend that interests you, you will also be able to create your own views.

Step Two

Recruitment + Retention

Interested students are successful

Enrollment Management
  • See if your recruitment strategies are working to attract students that match your institution.
  • Track your retention efforts seamlessly for comparison against strategic goals and objectives.
Student Success
  • Use your students' preferred learning style to inform your pedagogical styles.
  • Quantify your student's interests to spot trends and support early intervention efforts.

Capacity Building

Serve more and with greater efficacy

Instructional Planning
  • Use your students' educational interest to align your course offerings.
  • Aggregate learning style data to design your syllabi.
Institutional Effectiveness
  • View career data aligned with job markets to surface post-graduation opportunities.
  • Align learning style data with future resume-building and marketing capacities.
Step Two

Step Two

Workforce Development

Align your students and the world of work

Career Services
  • Allows colleges to provide VitaNavis to high school and workforce partners for free
  • Enables marketing team to increase engagement and website inquiries
Community Engagement
  • Recruit community organizations to engage with your students as they find their careers.
  • Leverage partnerships to create apprenticeships and summer internships for your students.

Analytics for Action

Whether you are already a partner that wants to scale up advising practices or a prospective partner that wants to better serve their students, analytics are a great way to inform the hardest decisions that you have to make on your campus.

Customizable Views

Use your basic coding knowledge to create boards that are relevant to your team.

Interactive Data

Click, drag, select, and hover over your data for deeper insights.

Measurable Outcomes

Measure and monitor the changes you are trying to make at your institution.

Customized Reporting

Aggregate General Occupational Theme Results on Mobile Phone
Aggregate Basic Interest Scales Results on Mobile Phone
Aggregate SuperStrong Survey Responses on Mobile Phone