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Over 120,000 students nationwide have discovered careers they never knew existed through the VitaNavis® Platform

Higher Education faces steep challenges in scaling of services to support student persistence and completion. Today’s students are often faced with hundreds of choices of majors or programs to pursue. Institutions must address narrowing the ratio of academic advisor/counselors to students for effective, proactive advising for all students while accelerating achievement and graduation rates.

Innovation Labs (a division of The Myers-Briggs Company) created the VitaNavis® platform with a goal in mind: Grant access to reliable, valid, and easy-to-use assessments to all students to guide them with actionable results through the career exploration process.

Guiding Students Towards a Tangible Future

From an early age, individuals tend to develop preconceived notions of careers. Whether influenced by society, family, or friends, most individuals choose paths based on what they know—while others struggle with their limited knowledge of the world of work. With the platform, students can:

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  • Discover their interests and personalities which guide them through further exploration
  • Research different careers and majors through the most current O*NET™ and BLS data
  • Search for institutions and programs based on their desired career path, powered by the latest IPEDs data
  • Access assessments and results in English and Spanish
  • Easily save and compare careers and institutions to better manage the exploration process

Ensuring that all students are exposed to and equipped to make informed choices will lead them to higher engagement leading them to stay in school and graduate on time.

Informing Student Success Initiatives

Whether it’s helping students through career counseling, First-Year Experience, or Career Pathways programs, or in developing strategic plans for the school, these are all measured through different metrics. The insights provided to educators through the platform take interests and personality to another level beyond just data collection in support of these metrics. The platform enables educators to:

  • Deliver greater impact to the entire school through an unlimited license model, leaving no student behind
  • Offer assessments backed by the highest standards of research, validity and reliability
  • Detect and support early alert and intervention methods based on backend reporting
  • Create customizable dashboards to support different levels of the school’s strategic plans
  • Understand where resources may be lacking, such as with class and program offerings

Plus, enabling action through data-driven results helps to better guide the education planning conversations across the entire school.

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Key Features

Here are just a few highlights of the product and service integrity built into VitaNavis.


Built-in data safety protocols

Dual Language

Available in English and Spanish


Real-time job and education data

Customer Support

Quick response times and implementation

Valid & Reliable

Based on over 90 years of research


Access results anywhere

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