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The VitaNavis® Platform

Empowering career exploration leading to a tangible future

The VitaNavis® platform supports the idea that equity should have a higher value in education. Using personality and assessment data and backed by over 90 years of research, VitaNavis addresses issues in education today: low retention numbers, little student engagement, low enrollment and ineffective recruiting efforts, abysmal completion rates, high student to low counselor ratios, and more.

Granting all students access to self-awareness and career exploration and direction is at the core of why the VitaNavis platform exists. Making insightful data actionable and available to educators to support students is how we can all achieve that.



Make meaningful and productive connections with immediate and insightful feedback

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Guide students to informed decisions around choosing the right educational pathways

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Attract and retain prospective students to your programs through interest matching

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If you see a value for your school, talk to us about how we can partner with you to work VitaNavis into your existing program. Our goal is to make what you are doing more effective—not to be a disruptor.

What Our Partners Say

We offer the SuperStrong assessment to all of our incoming students, ensuring they have resources available to make an informed decision on their program of study. In addition to the benefits of the interest match with the Strong, we also find the Career Pathways tool valuable for career exploration. Students typically have a general understanding of jobs related to their training, but giving them additional options to consider is very beneficial. For those students who are undecided, or discover their interests really don’t match our program offerings, we can also use the Education Pathways tool to help them find alternatives in their area.

-Associate Vice President, Admissions

I have been using a range of instruments for many years. They are all excellent coaching instruments, but in my practice I lacked a career coaching instrument that was mobile enabled, valid, reliable and easy to administer with individuals or groups until I started using the SuperStrong. The SuperStrong, with its ease of use and alignment to the Strong Interest Inventory, BLS and O*Net data made it an easy choice to deploy with students and adults. Over the past year I have used the SuperStrong with more than 1,000 teachers, parents and students, something I could never have accomplished with other instruments. As with the long version of the Strong, the SuperStrong elicits great conversations to help participants consider their interests and how they may align to college and career aspirations. This type of instrument can play an important role in the career development exploration and planning for students at many levels of their educational journey. I recommend the instrument for coaches and counselors who are looking for a solid RIASEC based career development assessment.

-District Innovation and Engagement Officer

Key Features

Here are just a few highlights of the product and service integrity built into VitaNavis.


Built-in data safety protocols

Dual Language

Available in English and Spanish


Real-time job and education data

Customer Support

Quick response times and implementation

Valid & Reliable

Based on over 90 years of research


Access results anywhere