K-8: Connecting
the Future Dots

Welcome to the world of work.

The Myers-Briggs Company has teamed up with the World of Work Network to equip elementary and middle schools with the VitaNavis platform to guide students through structured education and career exploration that affords them a window into themselves and their future.


From the earliest ages, students are guided through a program of self-understanding where they can unearth their unique strengths, interests and values and apply that to their daily learning and activities. As they mature into later grades, these self-reflections start to inform their academic pathways giving students a powerful sense of agency enabling them to navigate their educational journey based on interests and their personalized trajectory to and through high school.

Students Will Explore:

Awareness Building

The RIASEC framework, an acronym for six personality traits — realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional — which help young people and grown-ups alike become aware of their unique strengths, interests and values.


General Occupational Themes, which are based on the RIASEC framework and provide information about how a student’s answers match with people who work in and are satisfied with particular jobs.


54 different careers between K through 8th grade based on the RIASEC, including real estate agent, paralegal, dietitian, reporter, graphic designer, sociologist, urban and regional planner, financial analyst and more.


Lessons and activities around those careers across four levels — exploration, simulation, meet a pro and practice — which all work together to help students attain the skills and knowledge to prepare to make future educational choices and career decisions.


With the Student Success Profile, powered by the CPI 260 assessment, how their own personal styles intersect with how they learn, and then assess, understand and maximize their strengths by comparing their results with data gathered from people and leaders who achieved their goals.

Partnering for Early Impact

VitaNavis is the partner for World of Work, a dynamic approach to education that allows students to focus on their interests and strengths. The VitaNavis platform enables children to discover who they are, what they like to do, and what they might do when they grow up. It connects students’ interests to real world job opportunities, unlocking engagement and persistence from the earliest age.


Awareness Building
VitaNavis Analytics

Analytics allows you to monitor usage, look at results through aggregated data, and help you create your own custom views based on your school’s needs.

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Why Are Interests
So Interesting?

Learn why interests are more predictive than ability and personality when it comes to income, degree attainment, college persistence, and other success factors.

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Establishing a
Standard Vocabulary for Career Exploration

A 2018 Strada-Gallup survey found that a meager one-third of college students feel prepared for the job market and workplace.

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